Welcome to Banana Bay.
Finest Thai Food and Drinks

Experience the Taste

Savor the moment when you dine with us. We strive for freshness and effortless dining.

  • Fresh Meats and Seafood

    We are thankful for our vendors who supply us with the freshest meats and seafood. From our marination of our meats to the slow cooked fish dishes that we are sure you’ll love.

  • Rice and Noodles

    Our rice and noodles carry out the background for the dish. Our chefs create flavorful rice and noodles that are spiced up with Thai sensibility. There is a methodology to the way we cook our rice and noodles to bring harmony to your experience.

  • Our Kitchen

    Our chefs have brought with them the skills that great family food requires; the love and experience being brought up with great home cooked Thai food. We strive for cooking the best to make our families’ proud. We have much gratitude to those who taught us.

  • Refined Simplicity

    If you enjoy relaxing, come to our restaurant to provide a place where you can dine without compromise. We strived to design a place that is simply refined and uncomplicated. We let the place be subtle and the food do the talking with it’s blend of flavors and spices.

Banana Bay

Banana Bay is a destination for Thai cuisine and sensibility. We are very much grateful for all our customers throughout the years who have come from far distances and as regulars. We strive for our food to be humbly put on your table to dine with the utmost respect of thai cuisine and tradition with a comfy vibe. We hope we continue to create the best experience for you all as you forge together lasting bonds dining at our restaurant. -With deep gratitude and thanks ขอขอบคุณ


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