King Noodle: The story

One of our beloved and signature dishes is the King Noodle. Time and time again, we were asked what is the story behind this dish? So the story begins in the kitchen late one night. Before closing, a couple of chefs had an abundance of rice noodles and asked what to do with it. One of the chefs mixed in eggs and instead of putting it in the wok, the decided to deep fry it. They tried it with vegetables and with different meats. They loved the crisp, but they needed to soften the noodles and meats with a sauce. Over a dozen iterations, they perfected their gravy sauce once they settled on using different types of seafood. This dish was inspired by those late nights when you had the food, the creativity and the opportunity to do things differently. A bit of crisp, sauce and seafood; a humbly royal dish.